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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  April 14, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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>> a terrifying ride for passengers heading to the airport after the super shuttle was car jacked on the way to sfo. finally took matters into their own hands. >> good evening everyone. dan has the night off. >> is that wild ride early sunday morning alan live in downtown san francisco where the ride came to an end. alan? >>reporter: carolyn the suspect is still at large and this is where the passengers on that hijacked shuttle bus managed to force him to let them off. strange case and still police scching their heads. so very bizarre case for first of all, right. >> action started in the 2000 block of o'farrell street in
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san francisco when the driver of a super shuttle headed to sfo got out to load a passenger luggage. that's when another passenger jumped into the driver seat and took off. the shuttle driver jumped on to the van. >> for about a block the drive driver, the shuttle van on the side trying to stop the suspect from continue to go drive is before jumping off and calling 911. >>reporter: it was around 4 a.m. when the van drove away with 4 surprised passengers in the back. >> somewhere in the area of new montgomery street the passengers were able to overcome the suspect somehow. i don't have too many details as far as what they did. >>reporter: passengers all from out of town hopped into cabs and went to the airport. no one was injured or robbed and police still don't know why the suspect did it. >> i live here for years and don't see something lick that. >> shuttle found abandoned in alameda county. suspect told
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the driver he was one of the passengers on his pick up list. super shuttle driver we spoke to were still verifying passengers verbally. >> we look at him we can tl read their face stichlts you never know honestly. >>reporter: police say the suspect still at large facing carjacking and kidnapping charges if he's arrested. in san francisco, alan wong abc 7 news. >> if you have been hoping to get your hands open pair of google glass have your chance tomorrow. high tech glasses go on sale to the public for one day only. not everyone is excited about this roll out. cornell is in the news are him with the story for us. >>reporter: google not saying how many glass devices sold tomorrow. the praise 1500 dollars each but fire storm of controversy is not far behind. one man just got attacked for wearing them. >> pretty cool. really strong though. >>reporter: june is trying on google glass for the first time. eye glass like compute
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they are reacts to the voice command. tiny crystal is the screen. >> it's amazing how until work but at the same time l it's over whipping this. >>reporter: gadget belongs to the stanford court hotel that acquired several pair before tuesday big sale. manager say anyone who buys google glass is welcome here. >> not only welcome but get a 43 drink at the bar. all you have to do is take a picture with the google glass and hash tag the hotel. >>reporter: not everyone is putting out the welcome mat. wearable technology gives you the ability to photograph and video anything instantly posted on the web. that got restaurant owners like here kivrnltd would i out right ban them here. nobody. jump somebody that comes with it no. definitely if people are having private conversation then something should probably be said. >>reporter: google is the
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enemy to protesters who blame the internet giant for eviction and rising rent in san francisco. but this rally wrapping up last friday anger spilled over toward tech reporter kyle russell would just happened to be wearing a pair. >> a person approached me. newtown happened on my face yelled glass and grabbed the google glass off my face and sprinted away. >>reporter: russell watched in horror as the thief smashed th . >> in february a woman named sarah was also attacked at san francisco for wearing the eye glass computer. one day google glass sale against tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. our time. live in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> thank you cornell. >> happening now if you take a lack toward the sky you can see that the moon is just starting to be eclipse. live pichblingt looking at and many star gazers have actually stayed up late to watch this evening total lunar eclipse should peek around 1 12:45 this morning. blood moon because it's a red appearance
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on the moon surface as this progresses. this happens when the moon is completely covered by the earth schaad oychlt eclipse have influenced people for as long as we have history. wars have even come to an end because of an eclipse. >>reporter: lunar lore call this a blood moon because they can rouse the werewolf. >> weather is cooperating but some cloud blocking our view as well spencer christian is hear now with more for us. >> the clouds have been our concern. here's live doppler 7hd see the cloud are thicker near the coast and thinner inland 80's and view so far is pretty good. now let me give you a little rundown of the timing of the the partial eclipse under way already. gap at 10:58. total eclipse just after midnight 12:0 mid eclipse 12:46 am. total end at 1:25 am and partial eclipse here and these are the sky conditions we expect viewing
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inland will be good. vawing around the bay fair as few more cloud there and variable to poor on the coast. get away from the coast enjoy the view. >> good advice spencer. >> now if you are looking for a better vantage point you might want to check out our web site we listed there a number of places you can good. good to our web site for. that remember to share the lup arrest eclipse picture with us. e-mail the photo the address open your screen. here's the site. >> hospital security guard in san jose accused of child molestation. santa clara county sheriff's department announce the arrest of hammond taken into custody march 19 and charged with 10 counts of child molestation and one count connected to child pornography. hammond protective services officer at valley medical center. investigators now looking through his tech items to see if there is more chilled pornography. >> tonight hundreds gather in southern confidential to remember teenager who lost his
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life in the deadly bus crash west of check o. adrian castro one of 10 people killed on interstate 5. family friend held a gathering today in his honor at el monte. castro a popular student there well on the football field and in the class room and tonight stories were shared and talked about the man he was becoming. >> he made an impact in everyone's life. i'm sorry. sfichlt worst thing ever the but it make everything feel better when you have so much support. >>reporter: today investigators requested photographs and video. witness took of the wreck to help them determine just what happened. >> we have new details tonight. woman survived after jumping in front of a bart train late this afternoon in do you want san francisco. witnesses saw the woman leap off the mr. form at the montgomery
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station at 4:50 this afternoon. bart kept the station closed firefighters rescue the woman from beneath a taken. commuters face delay for much of this evening rush hour. >> maid service must pay 400,000 $to celts a claim that the workers were under paid. state labor commission discovered subpoena flower maid service paid 18 workers for eight hours a day when they actually work 10 hour days. those employee also worked without being allowed to take meals or rest break. 7 news calls them for reaction to the fine and not yet heard back. >> 2 happened grenade basically removed from a garage yard in sap lee app dro. bomb squad rae spopded to alameda county industry late this afternoon. bomb technician remanufacture and dispose of the grenade. investigators believe someone just threw them away. >> local boy has endured surgery after surgery now faces another fight. up next on 7 news. what is keeping his
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parents to be able to stay by his bedside. >> first lady his sticker shock. >> blood moon is rising. minutes from a total lunar eclipse, best time to spot the spectacle but here's jimmy kim. >> here's a snippet of what we >> here's a snippet of what we are up to tonight.
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. >> martinez couple was baby is recovering from heart surgery is now facing another battle. being able to afford to stay by their son's side. as lillian kim tells us, the,up from dad abs's job to the hospital is an hour and a half each wait a minute gas bills are piling up. >> just for her to hold him was really good for me. >>reporter: for the first time in days todd nichol and gina got to hold their 6 month baby boy wyatt recovering from back-to-back heart surgery. month and a half ago doctors discovered a hole in his enlarged heart. >> had him on morphine. slowly taken him off on meth dope. low dose. he's respond to
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everything great. heart is operating at 13 percent. that's my boy. look at that smile. >>reporter: the parents say despite progress in recent day the son will likely need a heart transplant. currently at the children hospital if palo alto where they have been told he will have to stay for at least the next several months. the commute from the those martinez is taking a toll. >> full tank of gas which is 50 bucks every other day almost. >>reporter: it's an expense that todd just can't afford. he works as custodian for the martinez unified school district. friends family doing what they can to help and raising money by placing donation jars throughout martinez and the parents can focus on the baby boy. he might have a full life that is great. i just weren't to play catch with him and go fishing. that's all i want to do she just wants to dress him up and take him tout halloween normal kid stuff.
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>>reporter: it's what every parent want for their child. they can only hope for the best palt, 7 news. >> we will continue to follow this story for you and bring you update. this all started with a phone call to abc 7 news from a concerned viewer. if you have a story idea let us know about it go to our web site. >> tension between russia and the united states are heating up tonight after russian fighter jet repeatedly buzzed an american destroyer in the black sea over the weekend. pentagon calls the buzzing provocative and unprofessional. president obama accused russian president putin over the phone today of orchestrate the unrest that is sweeping eastern ukraine. putin denied influencing the protestors. more than a government buildings have been seized by pro russian mob. >> tomorrow mark the first anniversary of the deadly bombings that ripped through the finish lane at the boston mile an hour thon. last year blast killed 3 people and
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injured dozens of others. many survivors lost limb. tomorrow vice president biden and kirkpatrick take part in tribute to bombing victims and survivors this year marathon take place next monday with heavy security in place along the course. hundreds of runers from the bay area expected to attend. >> airport security at oakland international airport made surprise discovery inside a woman bag today. look at this photo tweeted out by tsa. these may lack normal at first glance but wrapped up alongside of them 8 and a half inch knif knife. she told agents she didn't know how it got there. she was cleared for travel but still could face a hefty fine. >> u.s. airway poll jaysed for posting a pornographic image on the twitter account. it was tweeted in response to customer who tweeted that u.s. airway rue i said her spring break. after about an hour u.s. airways sent this tweet. we apologies for an inappropriate image we recently shared at the
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lincoln one of our response we have rae moved the tweet and are investigating. collator said it captured the tweet to flag it as inappropriate but unfortunately that image was in add verify tently included in a rae spops to a customer. >> first lady michelle obama helped spread cheer at military family today but a little girl who stole the show. sharing some of her easter goodies with the first lady. >> what's your name cute face? >>reporter: talk about sticker shock. as you can see, the youngest sister weren'ted make sure mrs. obama received at legislature a sticker or 2. children received the sticker and other present during easter celebration outside washington dc. the blood moon is upon us. with total eclipse just minutes away. we want to show you how things are looking right now. well. you can see there to the left-hand side that's the eclipse is moving here. doesn't look so red from it our
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vng point but spencer is here and everyone really getting a chance to see it soil. far it looks pretty good. skies, we have some thin high cloud around but most location reporting good viewing condition except along the coast thicker low cloud. generally the view not so bad. from the exploratorium camera thin clouds in the sky there but pretty good view of the sky. 63 degrees right now in san francisco. mid upper 50's oakland redwood city, san jose, los gatos and a half moon bay. view of the moon from the tower cam rachlt partial eclipse obviously already under way. moon look a little shakey there. >> temperatures got. that oka okay. 50 degrees santa rose. 51 nap a.50 petaluma. 57 fairfield 59 concord. mild 60 at livermore. obviously the camera is shaking. live view from emeryville and looking out over the bay see a few thin high cloud so viewing
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conditions so far are pretty good. these are the forecast feature see a few clouds with tonight eclipse and dry pattern rate now with us until the beginning of fix week. here's satellite image showing approaching frontal system weak front bring us a few clouds which it is doing already with you no precipitation ra company this one so 11:00 o'clock overnight we see the high cloud continue passing through as the front does as well. by early tomorrow the front out of here. we'll be left with mainly sunny afternoon. breezy on the coast but pleasant conditions all around the bay area. temperatures drop into the upper 40's if our inland valle valley. low 50's around the bay and coast and tomorrow high south bay and sunny skies range from mid upper 70's to 74 san jose at morgan hill and los gatos. peninsula upper 60's to le70's. low 70's redwood city to palo alto to mountain view on the coast breezy and seaso
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seasonally high 62 half machine bay around san francisco high of 65 downtown. 62 in the sun set district up in the north day around 61 degree there is but inland valley high in the mid upper 70's from santa rosa to sonoma to napa up to calistoga. east bay high 70 at oakland and san leandro. castro valley and inland east bay high in the mid upper 70's. 75 at livermore. 78 at fairfield. 77 concord. 76 in wall up walnut creek. here's 7 difficult forecast even milder on wednesday with high up to about 80 inland then temperatures will sort of level off for the next 4 daisy through the weekend inlistened high upper says if. low 70's around the bay. low 60's on the coast. cool down a little bit on monday but no rain is expected. just a little cool did you know. >> sounds nice spencer thank you. >> larry prediction of who would be voted off dance with the stars tonight demonstration true but he's not going to gloat about that rate
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now. >> really i'm not? cody simpson but one in a row as far as my prediction are concerned now to the warriors without andrew they have not seen in 20 years. their the play off see [ male announcer ] so you used the wrong flea killer. but then why is he the one in the doghouse? don't blame him. instead, rely on the number one choice of vets
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st. >> good evening. whatever hopes the were yours had of deep play off run realistically getting out of the first round at this point almost impossible because of the news today. center andrew out indefinitely after fracturing a rib last night against portland. >> one of those things this people have played through but done enough research and spoke to doctors to know that if leg
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or arm injury is different, make sure my lung doesn't get punctured if it disit's troubl trouble. >> win tonight against kevin love in minnesota and warriors would lock up the 60's but love was loving the 3 ball scored 22 points in just the first quarter. finish with 40. this after 43 last night in sacramento now everybody was lighting it up. brewer scoring here with run away train. t wolves up 51-32. here's brewer nothing to play for. love the hustle. strength at the end. they start launching. part of 23-4 run. war yrs did you know 2 at the break. defense completely operational. david lee anybody want to guard him? no. he had 25. 15 assist. 20 points 12 off the bench. 3 minutes to good. the steal. up the court with authority. had 20. warriors to 50 wins
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first time in 20 years. dancing around the coach. on one:30 the time with 6 seed and face the clipper in the first round of play offs. not expected to be a month ago but injuries open the darr for him. injuries open the darr for him. and jesse kick it in. pitched
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>> chavez started 3 gyms for the a's this season giving autopsy tl of 3 runs. pitching later t no win yet mr. of the same in anaheim. chavez brilliant. 7 innings. 4 hit. problem was 2 were here.
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single in the first and then this. albert 4 96 homer of the great contrary in the third. fourth of the year for him. 2ing in angel. got one back in the fourth. not this hector santiago. one out on the nechbility 8's down awn are. going to disneyland. the 2 run bomb the game winner. the save and come back to win 3-two stanford star was the no. 1 pick in the wfba draft chosen by the connecticut sun. joins sister the also a former no. 1 pick. tomorrow other subject licensing in major pro sports to do that peyton and eli ma manning. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> that's pret fantastic company to joychbility spectacular company. >> good for her. >> i'm carolyn johnson thanks for joining us tonight.
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>> we'll be right back. sorry


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